Immigration Updates – May

Immigration / 23 May 2024
Immigration Updates – May

Immigration New Zealand has continued to make significant changes to the Accreditation Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme. We have summarised some relevant information to help employers adjust to these changes.

Renewal of Accreditation

INZ has provided new guidance on the renewal of accreditation process, including:

  • INZ recommends that all employers should allow for at least six weeks to renew employer accreditation. We also recommend that a further two weeks preparation time should be factored;
  • Interim employer accreditation is only available if a renewal of accreditation application is submitted before an employer’s accreditation expires. Interim accreditation will be granted for three months.
  • INZ will likely focus on and request for evidence showing that Employment New Zealand modules have been completed and settlement support has been provided.

We are seeing good employers have difficulty with preparing and collating documents to meet requirements for renewal of accreditation applications. Our team would be most happy to help with this process.

Franchisee accreditation category to be removed in June 2024

INZ has confirmed that the franchisee accreditation category applications cannot be submitted after 16 June 2024. It is not clear what will happen to current holders of franchisee accreditation however our best guess is that those approved franchisee accreditation will still be able to support AEWV workers until the expiry of their current accreditation period and will need to apply for another type of accreditation after their current accreditation expires.

Updates on Processing Times and Priority Processing

Earlier in the year, we were seeing Job Check applications process within one to two weeks and AEWV applications process within two to three weeks. Since April 2024, we have seen a slow down with the processing of Job Check and AEWV applications. Job Check applications for non-Green List roles and that don’t benefit from priority processing appear to be taking around four to seven weeks to process. AEWV are taking longer than four to five weeks to process unless priority processing is requested.

INZ have updated instructions for the order of processing applications. Job Check and AEWV applications that support:

  1. Roles listed on the Green List will be prioritised.
  2. Dairy Farm Worker or Farmer roles will be prioritised between 14 May and 1 August 2024.

Secondary School Teachers Moving to STR Pathway

INZ have updated the Green List, from 1 May 2024, secondary school teachers roles will be able to benefit from being on the Tier 1 Green List. Any applicants who meet the Tier 1 Green List requirements may apply for residence under the Straight to Residence category.

Message for Employers

Our team of specialists can help with bespoke and practical advice and solutions on navigating the tricky immigration landscape, and how these changes will impact your business, or for assistance in reviewing and updating your workplace policies and documentation.


Disclaimer: We remind you that while this article provides commentary on employment law, health and safety and immigration topics, it should not be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice for specific situations. Please seek legal advice from your lawyer for any questions specific to your workplace.



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