ACC Offers $22 Million to SMEs For Safety Improvements

Health and Safety / 24 January 2019
ACC Offers $22 Million to SMEs For Safety Improvements

ACC has announced it has set aside $22 million over five years in “workplace prevention” grants and “workplace injury” subsidies, to help improve workplace health and safety in small to medium entities (SMEs).

Workplace Prevention Grants
The workplace prevention grants will assist SMEs in solving workplace health and safety problems that affect multiple businesses in an industry or supply change in three categories:

  • Innovation;
  • Applied research; and
  • System capability development.

More information, including how much funding is available and how to apply, can be read here

Workplace Injury Subsidies
Workplace injury subsides are sector-specific, particularly for sectors with higher risks of injury.  There are three types of workplace injury subsidies available:

  • Workforce capability development (for example, a training course);
  • Professional health and safety consulting advice; and
  • Capital investment that has health and safety outcomes.

More information about the subsidies is available here 

Funding rounds for grants and subsidies open in February 2019.

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